The veterinarians at Miami Valley Animal Hospital have many years of combined experience. Our newest 2006 graduate has brought new ideas and perspective to help to improve the quality of our practice. Each doctor regularly attends continuing education programs, participates in the MVAH Lunch and Learn seminars, and strives to stay current with new medications and techniques.

Enroll yourself and your dog in obedience classes. Provide consistent training, and engage the entire family in how to best train your new pet.

Our professional staff work, collaborate and discuss hospital cases daily. The benefit of reviewing cases is that the client and pet get 2nd, and sometimes a 3rd opinions. This collective knowledge and experience is beneficial to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of our patients.

The veterinarians also utilize the support of specialists in the local and surrounding areas for referral purposes.

Miami Valley Animal Hospital maintains an extensive library of veterinary medical references. Our veterinarian’s are members of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, the Veterinary Information Network, (VIN) – a medical online resource used for consulting other veterinarians and specialists all over the country.